To Apply, Follow These Four Steps

#1:    Read our guide which will give you a complete overview of the process. Pay special attention to the warning about how you spell your name and middle initial. That is the most common error! It can delay the whole process by many weeks.

#2:   Set up an account on the official state registry website. The red button will also take you there. Desktop computer is best. Search for Dr. Thomas Cook, and go ahead and begin your application. Write down his medical license: #16978.

#3:    Pay $38 online if you wish, and finish submitting it to Dr. Cook. Or, you can do what we recommend, which is to see Dr. Cook first, obtain his verbal approval, and then go home and finish submitting your application. To schedule a visit, either call us at (808) 208-8654 or send us a friendly message.

#4:   Once your application is submitted, when you log back into your account it will say “submitted” or “approved.” You can check your application status online. Your actual card will arrive in the snail-mail in about 4-5 business days.

That’s It.  You’re done!

the OFFICIAL state-run REGISTRY website:


1110 University Ave, #302 Honolulu, HI, 96826. On the map below, you will see that we are near the H1 freeway, and the University of Hawaii. Our parking lot is a cinch.

Phone: (808) 208-8654.

Our main practice has a live phone, at 457-1082, 1-5PM weekdays. If you call our marijuana line, at 208-8654, we do not have a live operator. Kindly leave a message. We’ll call you within 1 biz day. We are by appointment only. Please do not show up at our clinic- wait for us to call and schedule you first.

Questions?  Contact us.